The Nevada Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Public Information Project  

Off-Highway Vehicle Trail Riding Opportunities Throughout Nevada

(also includes the Bridgeport Ranger District in the Eastern Sierra in California, because it's part of the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest)

Photo of a person riding an ATV wearing the proper protective gear while riding on a trail.Public lands in Nevada and Eastern Sierra of California offer Off-Highway enthusiasts opportunities to use their vehicles responsibly. A variety of experiences and routes are available for 4-wheel driving, ATV, and motorcycle use.

We ask all OHV visitors to be respectful to the land and wildlife. Know the laws governing OHV use on public lands. Use your power responsibly.

OHV Trail Opportunities on BLM Lands

 graphic: right-arrow  BLM OHV Districts

OHV Trail Opportunities on the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forests

 graphic: right-arrow   Dog Valley - Reno

 graphic: right-arrow   Hunter Lake - Reno

 graphic: right-arrow   Leviathan - Carson City

 graphic: right-arrow  Merritt Mountain - Approximately 5 miles northeast of the wild horse reservoir. This trail takes you from a desert ecosystem to a sub-alpine fir.

 graphic: right-arrow   Peavine - Reno

Photo of a sign that reads, "Restoration Area; To Return Site to its Original Natural Condition Stay On Existing Roads and Trails."ON THE RIGHT TRAIL!
A Forest Service Program for OHV Access

 graphic: right-arrow  Explore Elko

Nevada Trail Map Websites

 graphic: right-arrow  Nevada Trail Maps - Great Basin Institute

 graphic: right-arrow  Nevada ATV Trails - RiderPlanet USA

 graphic:  Stay On Roads billboard image